Warm Appetizers

  • Wednesday, 02 December 2015
  • 6752 times

Allong with our signature dishes we can prepare anything from a simple classic to new adventures in creative eclectic cuisine or put together a theme menu.

Artichoke & Spinach Dip                             $2.00

served with Toasted Bread Slices

Assorted Mini Quiche                                  $0.80

Bacon Wrapped Dates                                  $0.60

Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites                        $0.90        

served with Spicy Sour Ccream

Black Bean Cake                                           $0.60

served with Spicy Sour Cream

Boiled or Fried Homemade Beef, Pork or Mushroom Dumplings price per dozen                               $3.00

served with Sour Cream

Bruschetta w/Honey-Pear Preserves & Brie                  $0.90

Bruschetta w/Pork & Chipotle Chutney                     $0.95

Chicken Wings price per dozen                          $6.00

Hot, Mild, BBQ or Teriyaki

Cocktail Franks                                             $0.60

Coconut Shrimp                                           $1.60

Crab au Gratin                                              $3.50

Creamy Crab Casserole served with Slices of Toasted French Bread

Goat Cheese & Pecan Tartlet                        $2.50

with Apricot Chutney

Fried Mozzarella Sticks price per dozen             $4.70

served with Marinara Sauce

Kibinas (Pastry with Meat)

Beef                                                                $1.60

Lamb                                                              $1.80

Khachapuri (Georgian Cheese Bread)         $3.80

ca 8in round yeast-free bread filled with Feta & Mozzarella

Lasagna Cups                                                $1.80

Meatballs (ca.90 pcs in a 2 qt pan)          $51.00

BBQ or Bell Pepper & Kalamata Olives

Mini Burger                                                $1.10

Mini Meatloaf Cake                                  $1.00

Mini Skewer                                     

Chicken or Pork (served with Peanut Butter Sauce)        $1.20

Beef (served with Herb Sauce)                                         $1.60

Lamb (served with Raisin & Cumin Sauce)                     $1.80

Patatas Bravas                                            $1.50

Spanish Potato Salad served with Garlic Aioli

Phyllo Triangle                                               $1.25

with Spinach & Feta or Curried Chicken or Apple & Cheddar

Potato Pancakes                                          $1.20

served with Sour Cream and/or Apple Sauce

Stuffed Mushroom                                        $1.20

with Spinach or Sausage or Crabmeat

Sweet Potato Tart                                          $1.80


served with Salsa, Sour cream and Avocado

            *Chicken/ Beef/ Pork                           $1.20

            *Shrimp                                             $1.50

            * Cheese                                           $1.00

            * Vegetable                                         $1.20

Mini Potato Casserole (Kugelis)                       $1.00

served with Sour Cream

To place appetizers on a garnished tray please

add $3.00 or $5.00 (depending on size)

One dozen minimum per one type

All items are made to order

A deposit is required

24 hours notice is required, some items may need more time


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